Tamara Macfarlane, Owner of the Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop chain

“The Etherington Brothers Cartoon Workshop is an outstanding event. Perfectly paced and brilliantly pitched it could not fail to inspire future readers and writers. Although essentially centred around creating comic strips, the engaging discussions about character development, the role of setting and strategies for establishing plot apply to all creative writing. Above all, the event is enormously
good fun and highly entertaining.”

Lillie McCotter, Southwark Literacy Advanced Skills Teacher, Ivydale Primary School

“Over the last year, I have known The Etherington Brothers to exemplify reading and writing for fun due to their unique skill of combining the visual and the written text in a highly engaging way. Having participated and experienced the sheer fun and delight created in their workshops at The Cheltenham Literary Festival, I was determined to include their creative double-act workshop in the Southwark Reading Festival.
The Etherington Brothers have had a huge impact on reluctant readers, in particular boys as they have lured children into the sheer fun of reading and writing. This has happened in both my school and many other schools in Southwark. As a result, we are waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the Brothers to our own school to deliver yet another outstandingly creative and engaging event where I know and trust the results will be long-lasting and highly rewarding to all individual involved. I wish them continued success!”

Hannah Sackett, Librarian, St Martin's Garden Primary School

“The Etheringtons’ visit to our school was a great success. They came very well prepared and ran two excellent workshops - one on character creation and the other on the invention of imaginary worlds. These hugely enjoyable workshops enthused and inspired the children and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other schools.”

Lucy Shepherd, Literary Events Co-ordinator, Bristol Grammar School

“The Etherington Brothers are a remarkably talented duo, graphic novelists of the highest order. Robin writes, Lorenzo draws. They use a flip chart in their presentation to give a visual explanation of the processes of creating characters and developing a storyline. Excellent communicators, they can hold an audience of teens and adults spellbound and, in doing so, get their messages across wholly successfully: To write well, read a lot of everything! To draw well, draw constantly. These two chaps are dynamic, creative, articulate, and inspiring!”

Rachel Hamdi, Bookfeast Festival Event @ The Pitt Rivers Museum

"We really had a ball with The Etherington Brothers' presentation at Bookfeast. It was not only fun and interactive, but the kids came out with the desire to have a go themselves at writing and drawing their own comics. The hints on how to create names and how to draw characters - especially the monsters - were great and memorable. The Brothers' enthusiasm was infectious and the kids were on the edge of their seats all the way through."

Anita O’Brien, Curator, The Cartoon Museum, London

“The Etherington Brothers took part in a special DFC day which we ran at the Cartoon Museum in 2008. They gave an engaging and entertaining presentation that appealed to the children in the eight to eleven age group.
The children, and their parents, who stayed to watch, were very taken with their style of drawing and said they enjoyed it a lot. We hope they will be able to take part in other events at the Cartoon Museum.”

Becky Harrison, Brimsham Green School, Yate

"The Etheringtons' visit was a huge success on many levels. We had, for sometime, been looking for an author event which could explore the world of graphic novels and comics and we hit the jackpot with their visit. The presentation was funny, engaging, informative and I am sure will have inspired many in the audience to read more, draw more and generally enjoy what books and comics have to offer.
Of particular note was the fact that the event was accessible to all ability levels - we had numerous phonics pupils who have very poor language and reading skills; they LOVED the event and felt as included as their more able peers."