The Etherington Brothers' comic workshops are educational in content, fun in presentation and flexible in format. Primarily aimed at 7 - 12 year olds (though equally appealing for attending parents and teachers) we specialise in engaging with class-size groups. Our intention is to encourage creative free-thinking in young children through the medium of comic art and storytelling.
Using our own workshop models, we explain the processes behind creating original characters, worlds and stories through example, exercise and Q & A sessions. Humour - a prominent feature of our books - forms a large part of our presentation dynamic and we employ it broadly throughout the workshops to encourage a relaxed environment free from criticism. Every child attending a workshop will receive a free copy of the Etherington Brothers Go Nuts! comic making booklet, which can also be used as a lesson plan.

We have already shared our thoughts on writing and drawing and creating with thousands of children in the UK and look forward to bringing these workshops to a school or festival near YOU!

For school booking details, availability, fees or more information, simply drop us a line to:

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