Using a wealth of examples from Yore!, Baggage and Monkey Nuts, we explain how to find the spark for an original story from the simplest of ingredients. Exercises demonstrate the connection between storytelling and cookery.

The audience will discover:

- The core ingredients for every great story
- The basic spices that help to give your story bite and flavour
- The conventions of different story genres and the fun to be had from mixing them together.
- A recipe for creating the starting point of a story, utilizing the basic ingredients but without the need for a single character.
- A super quick recipe for creating a character with his/her very own story built into their personality.

  Using our critically acclaimed book, "Baggage!" forms the basis for a mind-expanding workshop as we share the SIX secret steps to making incredible comic adventures. Guaranteed to send young imaginations soaring, with countless art and writing tips and tricks.

The audience will discover:

- How to conjure the beginning of a story with just the words 'Imagine If...'
- How to create original motivations for heroes and villains.
- The role that TIME, DETAILS and CULTURE play in bringing fictional worlds to life.
- The untold amusing mysteries and tall tales hidden in every pile of LOST PROPERTY!